B.E.B.E Hair Growth Shampoo & Conditioner


⚜️ B.E.B.E Hair Growth Shampoo is a herbal infused shampoo that’s creamy, silky smooth, detangles & smells like sweet almonds. The shampoo is super hydrating, penetrates the scalp, & softens hair. That makes the hair easier to maintain to detangles. It also makes your curls pop.

⚜️ B.E.B.E Hair Growth Conditioner is a miracle in a bottle. It’s a thick moisturizing conditioner that is packed with the B.E.B.E herbal-infused growth serum. It’s a minty sensation on the scalp that opens up the hair cuticle. That nourish the hair strands individually for more bounce, body, shine & fuller hair.

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